AFETT's 2017 Extraordinary General Meeting

Welcome to our New Board


AFETT is happy to introduce its 2017/2018 Board after a successful Extraordinary General Meeting held on Wednesday March 15th 2017, at TTCSI’s conference facilities at O’Connor Street in Woodbrook, Port of Spain.

Charlene Pedro will head the new Board, which will include Yolande Agard-Simmons, President-Elect; Tricia Leid, Immediate Past President; Joanna Gonsalves, Programmes Director; Christine François Communications Director; Nathalie David, Finance Director; Cheryl Sue Wing, Membership Director; Indira Jagoo-Teloka, Fundraising Director; Caron Greaves, Secretary, Delicia Maharaj, Social Outreach Director, and Donna Holder, Research and Public Advocacy Director.


During her address to the assembled members, future President, Charlene Pedro, reminded her audience about the importance of considering the legacy you leave and emphasised that life is about service. “Service is the rent you pay for your room upon this earth,” she said. She also talked about authentic leadership and the importance of relationships in business.


The EGM's Feature Speaker, Michelle Low Chew Tung, Managing Director/Co-Founder of INVENI Business & Technology Ltd., spoke about “Marketing Your Brand - The Female Entrepreneur’s Toolkit”. She highlighted the importance of having a vision for your life, distinguishing yourself in the market and helping to deliver value. She added that it was important to be true to who you are.

Giving practical tips to her listeners, Ms. Low Chew Tung recommended that professional women should strive to find opportunities to write articles and to give interviews and speak at public events. She reiterated the importance of having a good online presence by making sure your profile across all platforms is what you want people to see and by having a current website. She reminded those assembled to remain a student of their industry of choice.


She also stressed the importance of being your authentic self and being unapologetically you.


The 2017/2018 Board will take over leadership of AFETT in July 2017.

Feature Speaker: Michelle Low Chew Tung, Managing Director/Co-Founder of INVENI Business & Technology.

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