AFETT Holds Social Media Etiquette Session at 5678 Dance Studio

5678 Dance Studio is a 99% all girl dance school situated at the Carlton Court, Carlton Centre, San Fernando. Dance is an avenue of expression, but there is now some concern in the manner in which some of the girls were expressing themselves to the outside world. At times it was noticed that less than appropriate pictures were posted via the social media channels: Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat.


AFETT was therefore requested to provide a talk on Social Media Etiquette on the value of creating an appropriate social media presence/image and the implications and repercussions of inappropriate social media postings.  


The session was held on Friday October 28th at the Dance Studio and was facilitated by Tricia Leid, AFETT President, and Garlene Hicks, Social Outreach committee member.

Visit 5678 Dance Studio's Facebook Page to learn more about them.

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