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AFETT's April 2017 Meeting

AFETT's April meeting provided a wonderful opportunity for members and friends to develop their conversational intelligence. Conversational intelligence is the ability to connect, to navigate and to grow with others, according to Judith E. Glaser, author of Conversational Intelligence: How Great Leaders Build Trust & Get Extraordinary Results. Our Featured Presenter, Karen-Bart Alexander - Certified Conversational Intelligence Coach, shared the essence and benefits of conversational intelligence, as well as how it can be used at the individual, organisational and national level. Indeed, it was a very enlightening session for attendees as they posed numerous questions and participated in activities.


Bart-Alexander spoke on The Role of Conversational Intelligence in Human, Corporate and National Development. She outlined the functions of the brain and how they were affected by negative and positive interactions and discussions. With a practical exercise, Bart-Alexander also emphasised the importance of “double clicking” in facilitating understanding in conversations. The concept underscores the value of asking questions to clear up misinterpretations.  Our Presenter asked that the assembled group try double clicking for the next week or two to see how much difference it made in their interactions at work.


In keeping with AFETT’s goal of “making women winners”, the meeting was part of AFETT's thrust to provide opportunities for skill development of its members. The meeting also served as an avenue for leaders, change agents, managers, entrepreneurs and other like-minded men and women to network and to increase their ability to connect, to navigate and to grow in their personal interactions.


The notion of conversational intelligence was developed by Judith E. Glaser and outlined in her book Conversational Intelligence: How Great Leaders Build Trust & Get Extraordinary Results. Bart-Alexander has trained with Glaser. She observed Glaser’s ability to have conducive ​

conversations might even have influenced her overall health. Glaser was able to win a battle against cancer over 15 years ago. Our presenter used this as an illustration of the value of having healthy conversations as poor experiences in this area can cause stress.


AFETT members asked questions as they indulged in the social atmosphere and tasty cutters of The Factory restaurant in Woodbrook, the location of our meeting. Afterwards, there were plenty opportunites to network and discuss the content of the presentation.


AFETT would like to express our appreciation to Bart-Alexander for sharing her knowledge of this important topic with us. We are also very grateful to The Factory for providing us with our trendy meeting location and with great service for the whole evening. The Factory was an ideal setting that encouraged members and guests to linger and mingle over cocktails and cutters late into the evening.

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