ASK AFETT is a column in the Newsday meant to address issues and concerns of professionals seeking advice to assist in progressing in their careers. 

In our weekly ASK AFETT column, which appears in Newsday’s Business Section, we have our members tackle questions of interest from professional women like yourselves. Our featured column this month appeared on Thursday March 23, 2017.


This column’s title is “How to Earn the Respect of Peers and Seniors”, and is written by Caron Greaves, AFETT's Membership Director, HR Consultant, HRM educator and philanthropist.


The question was ...

“Dear AFETT, I just started a job as a professional and I want to show that I am competent and can get the job done. How do I gain respect as a female in the workplace?" ~ Aspiring Influencer


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Much thanks to the Trinidad Newsday for affording us this opportunity!

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