AFETT's Tea and Conversation Series:

Strong, Fearless, Survivor ...Stop Domestic Violence!

August 2018 Meeting
One (1) in three (3) women and one (1) in seven (7) men in Trinidad and Tobago will experience domestic abuse. These and other sobering statistics were discussed during the Association of Female Executives of Trinidad and Tobago’s (AFETT) Membership meeting held on August 16, 2018. The event, titled ‘Strong, Fearless, Survivor ...Stop Domestic Violence!’ was in partnership with The Shelter and was the first in AFETT’s Tea and Conversation Series. The meeting was held at the Orientation Centre in the Royal Botanic Gardens, Port of Spain.
The series provides a forum for discussions and possible solutions on some of the tougher issues challenging women and family. The feature speakers for the event were Anthony Inglefield, Chairman of The Shelter; Marlon Moore, Attorney at Law; Dr. Varma Deyalsingh, Psychiatrist, and Samantha Griffith of the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service Victim and Witness Support Unit, Ministry of National Security.
“For those of us affected - be it personally or by extension, what is needed most is protection: emotionally, psychologically, financially, and most importantly, physically,” explained AFETT President, Yolande Agard-Simmons, expounding on the evening’s topic.
During his presentation, Dr. Deyalsingh noted that 30% of women experience violence for the first-time during pregnancy. He also explained that on average women are beaten 34 times before they report the abuse. He mentioned the psychological entrapment theory, which is
similar to the Stockholm Syndrome, is the reason why some women find it difficult to leave abusers. However, Dr. Deyalsingh, who also shared the early signs of an abused victim, encouraged the participants who were present to be their sister’s keeper and assist in their capacity in getting help for the victim.
Anthony Inglefield stated that there is a need for the creation of a network of shared services among Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) which will bring shelters together to assist in functioning more effectively. He expanded on his point by expressing the need for development of standards for the NGO community, and the implementation of case management systems. He also observed that there must be a social and cultural transformation if we are to progress as a society and end domestic violence. 
Samantha Griffith informed the audience that the Victim and Witness Support Unit is working with the police in the various districts to get domestic violence under control.  She said they visit the stations and train new officers, giving them guidance aimed at dispelling misconceptions about the laws surrounding domestic violence.  
Attorney at Law Marlon Moore stated that the Domestic Violence Act covers all forms of abuse and the purpose of the act is to give relief and protection. 
President Agard-Simmons said, “The Board is in discussions with Mr Inglefield for the Association to provide volunteers and life-skills and career development training to the affected women at The Shelter.”  She further urged the members of AFETT to, “consider the systems and procedures in place and continue to work with the legislators and the system enforcers to help protect victims of domestic and gender-based violence.” She anticipated that the insights from the speakers would motivate those present.
Twigs Naturals, EY’s 2017 top Entrepreneur, provided the tea that complemented the evening’s discourse.
AFETT expressed their gratitude to the event sponsors: Choice HR Limited, HADCO Group of Companies and SM Jaleel & Co. Ltd. New AFETT members Meagan Sylvester and Natalie Walters received their pins. AFETTpreneur Donna Marie Alexander-Fraser, owner of Off The Chain Fashion, was also featured at the event.  

From left: Caron Greaves, Director Choice HR Limited, Anthony Inglefield, Chairman, The Shelter, Charlene Pedro IPP AFETT, Marlon Moore, Attorney-at-Law, Cavelle Joseph-St.Omer, former AFETT President, Dr. Varma Deyalsingh, Psychiatrist, Yolande Agard-Simmons, President AFETT, Dr. Hazel Brown, former Coordinator Network of NGOs, Representative TTPS Victim and Protection Support Unit, Samatha Griffith, TTPS Victim and Protection Support Unit.

From left: Caron Greaves, Director, Choice HR Ltd, Dr. Varma Deyalsingh, Psychiatrist and AFETT President Yolande Agard-Simmons.

Pinning of New AFETT Members
AFETT Welcomes its New Members: Meagan Sylvester and Natalie Walters

AFETT Member Meagan Sylvester

AFETT Member Natlaie Walters

Photo Highlights of Meeting
Feature Speakers

Dr. Varma Deyalsingh - Psychiatrist  
Secretary of the Association of Psychiatrists of Trinidad and Tobago, Registrar at the Barataria Community Mental Health and Wellness Center, Vice President of the Medical Board of Trinidad and Tobago, Chair of the central branch of the Medical Association of Trinidad and Tobago, and President of St Joseph Station Council.

Marlon Moore - Attorney at Law

Marlon A. Moore - Attorney at Law for 13 years. Attorney at Destiny Chambers and Family Law Practitioner. Tutor at Hugh Wooding Law School and Facilitator of the Introduction to OSHA Programme at the University of the West Indies Open Campus, Belmont Office.

Anthony Inglefield - Chairman, The Shelter

Tony kicked off his career in advertising in 2003, and has been busy ever since. At the helm of IOM, Tony doubled revenues in 4 years, enhanced the Ogilvy network and set up a regional network of associates.


He is also on the board and treasurer of the AAATT, and The Shelter for Battered Women and Children. In a past life, Tony lead several major innovations in the insurance industry and joined IOM following a long stint in that industry.

Samantha Griffith - Trinidad and Tobago Police Service Victim and Witness Support Unit, Ministry of National Security

Samantha Griffith is a social work professional attached the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service Victim and Witness Support Unit. She possesses a Bachelor of Social Work (BSW) and Master of Business Administration (MBA). 

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