Black Panther Movie Fundraiser

Even after such a MARVELous evening with friends, relatives, colleagues and fans of AFETT on the 1st of March, Wakanda lives on in our hearts!

We extend our GRATITUDE to ALL who joined us to experience the WONDER that is BLACK PANTHER!!

So many powerful messages woven artfully in this epic movie and while the male characters were the leads, it's the women who stood out as shining jewels for so many of us. Maybe it's the lenses through which we saw ourselves portrayed on the big screen on Thursday night, but I'm sure that at the end of this awesome private screening, we stood taller, moved with a bit more grace and quiet strength and felt even more empowered to take on the challenges and rewards that we face daily. 
Proceeds from the viewing go towards the Association's REACH Mentorship Programme, Women's Development Fund, Six Steps to Success Programme.

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