AFETT Consultancy Registry

AFETT's Digital Consultancy Registry


Available to all Financial AFETT Members.


We proudly present AFETT's Consultancy Registry!


This database allows all interested members to be listed and have their profiles and services linked to the powerful brand recognition of the AFETT banner. The registry will boost your social media and web presence, thus expanding the visibility of your brand!


The Registry provides an opportunity to have the wider public come to AFETT members to source services that our team can provide, thereby increasing your networking reach and increasing the possibility for business opportunities.


The Registry is linked to your existing digital business profiles, so you have an interconnected professional digital presence.


We invite our financial members to complete the digital form on the Registry site with the following information to enable the creation of a comprehensive all-inclusive digital registry:


  • Name

  • Contact Information

  • Personal Information

  • Business Information

  • Professional Headshot

  • Member’s status

  • Secured access preference: Public or Private


Click here to submit your information.


Please note that you can decide if your profile can be used by AFETT members only. This will mean a private/locked account.


Conversely, your account can be public, which will facilitate links to Facebook, LinkedIn, your business website, and other social media accounts. Instantly, you can have access to professional contacts via the social media pipeline. Limitless networking awaits!


AFETT has been the most prominent voice leading the way in representing women’s issues and making women winners.


As AFETT members, you have access to exclusive member benefits, which includes the following:


  • Access to the AFETT network via immediate connectivity.

  • Targeted advertising to a select audience.

  • Opportunities to showcase your business as featured AFETTpreneur of the month.

  • Customers are prompted to check-in on Facebook, growing your exposure on social media.

  • Advanced analytics and reporting/database information for effective monitoring of your digital presence and performance to further marketing of your business.

This Registry will allow persons to connect with you and your business hassle free and with ease!


Help us to raise your professional profile by submitting your information with your professional headshot.


Remember, you are a valued member and this would be a great opportunity to leverage your networking contacts and business links to take your leadership place in our wider society today! Take advantage of this service, which is free to financial members only.

We know that you will enjoy being a member as much as we are pleased to serve you.


Thank you for your anticipated support and cooperation in creating this service!

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