What is AFETT’s vision/mission?

The vision of the Association is ‘To be the leading network for professional women in Trinidad & Tobago’, and its mission is: 

  • To build a community of female executives who support each other in becoming more effective in the business world,

  • To develop and implement programs that will stimulate our members’ personal and professional growth,

  • To provide mentoring opportunities for women entering or re-entering the work force,

  • To offer a forum for the exchange of ideas and resources.



What sort of things do you do?

Provide a forum for networking and professional development through our bimonthly networking meetings


Host networking, professional development and social activities for our members


Conduct Social and Outreach events such as:


  • Suit Me Up

  • Secondary School Mentorship Programme


Execute Project Initiatives to foster greater public advocacy for women such as:


  • Research on the Top 5 Companies for Female Executives

  • Research on Child Care Solutions for Working Parents

  • Celebration of International Women’s Day Activities 


Who is eligible to join AFETT?

Female executives & entrepreneurs from all professions including but not limited to:

  • Finance                                               HR Management

  • Law                                                     Graphic Design

  • Marketing & PR                                  Communications

  • Engineering                                         Administration

  • Information Technology                      Science & Technology

For more information on eligibility, refer to our website www.afettsocialoutreach.wix.com/afett


What does AFETT have to offer?
AFETT offers many resources to its membership through numerous networking and association events and business seminars that are held throughout the year.

AFETT also believes in giving back to communities that support our members and their services.  Some of the institutions that we proudly support include the St. Jude’s Home for Girls, St. Francois Girls College and the Rape Crisis Centre of Trinidad and Tobago.



What has AFETT accomplished since 2002?

2008 - Child Care Solutions for Working Parents

A Call for Private and Public Sector Leadership.  This critical AFETT Symposium addressed the logistical, social and economic issues surrounding the topic and was attended by company executives who had the well being of their workforce at heart.

2006/2007 - AFETT Six Steps to Success
A series of professional development seminars for younger professionals (male and female).  These seminars targeted women and men in the workforce who may not have all the skills needed to take them up the corporate ladder. 

2005 – AFETT Top Five Research Project

AFETT celebrated the top five firms in Trinidad and Tobago that support the development and promotion of women into executive and decision making positions, as well as providing equitable pay, policies to enable work-life balance and mentoring.  The Top Five Winners were the Trinidad & Tobago Unit Trust Corporation, Scotiabank Trinidad Ltd., The Myerson Tooth Company, Guardian Life of the Caribbean and College Health Foods.


2004 – AFETT Career Handbook for Young People
This innovative handbook contained educational, scholarship and career information on more than 100 careers.  More than 2500 copies were distributed to schools, libraries and civil society groups across the country, and the rights were eventually purchased by the Ministry of Education for further publication and distribution.


Annual AFETT Suit Me Up Event
A sale of gently used, nearly new, professional clothing which has become the major fundraiser for the year and, as is the custom, part proceeds are earmarked for a selected charity.  This event is aligned to the Association’s mission to support women entering and re-entering the workplace, as good quality suits and business attire are made available at low prices.


Annual Women of Influence Awards

This event tells the story of inspiring women who are high achievers in business life in Trinidad & Tobago. These women may be in the current business life, or may have made their contributions at any time in the history of Trinidad & Tobago. In 2012, the association launched the Women’s Development Fund which adds another dimension to the event. Bursaries are distributed to deserving female students of the University of the West Indies to aid their educational pursuits.

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