AFETT and The Whole Girl Workshop

This was an empowering Workshop designed to teach our young girls 9-14 years essential life skills. It's not a " summer camp ". All sessions were facilitated by professionals in their respective fields. Approximately 50 girls enrolled her into The Whole Girl Workshop.


AFETT President, Tricia Leid, shared her personal experiences as a child and how the aspirations she had early in life was what she continued to aspire to as an adult. She discussed the differences between having a job and following a passion. That it was possible to have both in your life as well as change the course as one continued to grow and learn what they loved to do. She also spoke about distractions that may hinder you from being successful, such as how social media can have a negative impact. Using the acronym THINK - Is it True, is it Helpful, is it Inspiring, is it Necessary and is it Kind - this allowed the girls to discern the type of information shared on social medial. 


Joanna Gonsalves, AFETT’s Social Outreach Director, reiterated the importance of having a positive mind-set. The interactive session allowed the girls to state one thing they liked about themselves and another about one of the other girls. This turned into a very fun exercise where each and every participant had a comment or two to share. She gave the girls handouts to encourage further discourse of TRUTH to support each other.


AFETT’s Secretary, Mrs. Yolande Agard-Simmons, did an excellent job of giving the girls important points in planning an event. They were very much engaged, actually designing an event invitation. 


Thanks to Mrs. Sunita Gopaul for including AFETT on this wonderful adventure with such lovely young ladies.

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