Mamatoto's Sexual Harassment Policy

Our AFETT President, Tricia Leid, attended the Prime Minister’s International Women’s Day function. She found herself at the same table with Debrah Lewis, Independent Midwife and one of the Founders and Executive Director of Mamatoto Resource & Birth Centre. During their conversation, Tricia learned some great news. Debrah attended our Courageous Conversations panel discussion on sexual harassment in February and she was inspired to implement a sexual harassment policy at Mamatoto!


According to Debra, the policy is currently in development. When asked about her impressions about the Courageous Conversations session, Debrah explained that she thought, “The presenters really covered different aspects of sexual harassment and made me think about the possibilities.” The discussion made her realise the importance of all companies and organisations having a sexual harassment policy, as well as the challenges that could arise if there is no policy in place.

“We are a small business with all female employees and I do not think we ever thought of same-sex harassment, or that sometimes we do have male contractors on site, and male partners and relatives of clients present, and same-sex couples,” she explained.

She added that many NGOs do not consider these ideas, perhaps considering them too “corporate”. She realised that many areas need to be included. She thinks the work AFETT is doing is applicable across the board.


We are very glad that this panel discussion has had a positive effect on another organisation, and we hope that the conversation will continue in other companies and NGOs.

AFETT President Tricia Leid and Debrah Lewis at the Prime Minister’s International Women’s Day Function

Debrah Lewis (far right) at our Courageous Conversations Panel Discussion

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