AFETT Members Join Forces to Deliver SEA Programme

The S.E.A. Survival Kit - Preparing for S.E.A.
20 April 2017
NIPDEC’s Head Office


“Examinations can be a stress test; therefore, parents and teachers should not add to the child’s stress,” according to Charlene Pedro, Managing Director of Conventus Consultinc. Ms. Pedro and her co-facilitator, Ms. Kay-Marie Nero, were delivering a programme to some employees of NIPDEC, as they participated in a much-needed programme, The S.E.A. Survival Kit - Preparing for S.E.A. The Programme was held on April 20th at NIPDEC’s Head Office. NIPDEC employees’ children also benefited from the programme, with a session specifically tailored for their age group. This session, delivered by Ms. Vanessa Yearwood, Principal of Sacred Heart Girls’ Roman Catholic School, was a very interactive session with fun activities for the children.  


Employees and their children learnt strategies they can use before, during and after the examination to help the children perform at their best. Stress management techniques were also practised. Ms. Pedro and Ms. Nero encouraged employees to provide loving support to their children at this stressful time. Employees expressed gratitude to management for their thoughtfulness in offering such a programme. One parent felt the programme “brought light to the fact that I may be stressing out my child too much, and I need to slow down and just support.”


This initiative was part of NIPDEC’s Health and Wellness Programme, as the company seeks to provide holistic support to their employees and their families.


This collaboration also highlights the networking opportunities that AFETT affords to its members.

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