First Virtual Meeting

As an Association, AFETT recognises the value of leveraging technology to engage, excite and educate! In keeping with this, the Association hosted its first, virtual meeting. Typically AFETT hosts physical monthly meetings, however, this was the first time that the Association connects with its members with the use of a virtual platform. The Association appreciates that women “wear many hats”, often at the expense of their emotional and health needs. To address this, this gathering is appropriately titled “Putting YOU First”.


The Association encourages all women to be a part of this experience that focuses on holistic growth. We have enlisted the knowledge and experience of several women who will share with you pointers all helping you to be your best self.  While many of us think of health in terms of our physical bodies, it encompasses much more.  Our overall wellbeing is affected by every aspect of our lives, and so the videos you'll see here look at not just our physical health, but we talk about mental, financial and career health as well. How can you think clearly if your body is not at its best?Can you really make sound decisions when you're worried about your finances? How much of your mental energy goes into planning your career path?  If that path is not going as smoothly as you had hoped are you able to focus on other aspects of your life? What about those of us who might be approaching retirement age and dealing with 'the change of life' at the same time? Are you ready? Do you know what to expect? For this AFETT 1st, we will be featuring videos that cover a wide range of topics.  You can click on any of the links on this page to view the various videos.  


So relax, enjoy and put YOU first as you take the time to watch.  

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