Out with the Old and In with the New

3 Old Truths 2015 Has Taught Me

Carolyn K. Correia


It’s that time of year again, and we are heading into a bumper season of activity. For our women ‘taking note’ overseas, it starts as early as Thanksgiving. Then it’s on to the Christmas holidays followed swiftly with Old Year’s (for us in sweet T&T), New Year’s and then Carnival.

Whew! That was a mouthful. It’s no doubt that with all this back-to-back activity, it’s sometimes hard for us to take a time-out to really step back and fully absorb each moment.


For some of us, this time of year is difficult for a multitude of reasons such as the loss of a loved one, a breakup/separation or a change of fortune.

I’ve come up with 3 things 2015 has taught me that we can use going forward into the New Year:


1. Count your blessings

We hear this lot, but most times we are not fully cognizant of the gravity of this statement. The mere fact that we can read the words on this page means we are fortunate to have the gift of sight and access to so many things that women around the world and even in our own country do not have. This includes a formal education, access to computers and internet and the capability to navigate our way through this very elaborate AFETT newsletter!


Imagine our parents and grandparents who were not so fortunate to be able to enjoy this invention decades ago. We as women of the 21st century are indeed privileged to have a career and in some cases family and the ability to choose and create the life that we want.



2. Never Ever Compare

We sometimes look at our peers and comparison steps in. I can tell you this first hand that this is never good for many reasons.

  • Your opportunities may not be the same as mine and the reverse is true. What we each do with those opportunities is a whole other ball game. Sometimes because of our clogged vision, we may not be able to identify those prospects when they appear in our life. We may also forgo them because it reminds us of our past hurts, fears or disappointments.

  • Our talents, capabilities, willpower, thresholds for pain and endurance and rolling with the punches may be quite different from each another. Not everyone was wired the same way and that’s just something we have to accept and learn to live with.

  • We never know what’s going on behind closed doors! People may seem happy and likable on traditional and social media, but you never know what they are dealing with when the party ends and the doors are shut to the outside world.


3. Freely freely you have received, freely freely give

Once you give freely of your God given talents and time when you can, it will be multiplied tenfold in your life. As our president, Cavelle said at our AGM in July (to paraphrase): men have a fraternity, they lime with a purpose. They close business deals over drinks. They are not competitive, fearful or hoarders of information. Well I added in a few things or two in there that I’ve learnt recently!


The point is that the time has come for women to come together and pool our talents and resources. I may be terrible with numbers, but good with words (and food :) and my friends or colleagues may be able to fill that gap and vice versa. Bartering and collaborating are a great investment in ourselves/our businesses and each other.


AFETT is the first step to breaking the mould on our collective mental, emotional and financial freedom and independence. If we do this, we would then find that we start attracting all the right people and situations to our lives when we need it the most.

This moment is ours to step out of our comfort zone and create the life that we always dreamt of. It is possible once we release the mental limits we place on ourselves for the reasons above and most of all, when we walk in faith.


With that said, I say cheers to “us”…May we have a jolly and Merry Christmas 2015! May 2016 be our best year yet! And may true peace, joy, love and abundance find us now and forever.


Carolyn K. Correia is an author, communications consultant and motivational speaker. For more you can follow her blog carolynkcorreia.wordpress.com or find her on Facebook CarolynCorreiaAuthor. Her books are available on Amazon.com and locally at RIK, Metropolitan Book Suppliers, The Book Sauce and Charran’s St. James.

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