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Colleen Cameron

I joined AFETT about 17 years ago after seeing the background article about the Association and the Suit Me Up at the Chamber Building that year. I wanted to be part of a group which was passionate about assisting young women who were seeking to climb the corporate ladder. I have remained a member of AFETT over the years because it has fulfilled my personal, social, emotional and business needs. Apart from the life-long friendships formed, the professional seminars and presentations at the monthly meetings have assisted my growth and development. During the past 17 years, the projects that I have been involved in include Suit Me Up, Six Steps for Success, and Women of Influence Awards. At present I am on the Communications committee with main responsibility of keeping our Twitter social media page updated. If you are an up and coming young lady who would like to be part of a community of professional women, whose mandate is to “Make Women Winners” then AFETT is definitely ideal.

Alongside a full-time job, I operate two small businesses which fulfil my twin passions. Ebony Belle Communiques – an event and communications business – was started in 2010 to offer freelance services to bridal couples and individual clients. My Indigenous Sweets business – Caribbean Concoctions - began in 2010 after I realized there was a gap in the market for quality local confectionery for corporate functions and private events such as weddings and birthday parties. Major milestones include completion of CARIRI’s Business Hatchery and being selected as one of their model hatchlings (graduates) in 2016, being recognized by AFETT with The Spirit of AFETT Award in 2017 and appearing on Planting Seeds Season 3 in 2018.

Events and projects include sampling at the Ashley Furniture Store Christmas Brunch, creating a dessert station for a returning national’s wedding and supplying edible tokens for a New Year’s Day wedding. Telephone contact is 681-6924. Email info@ebonybellecommuniques.com or caribbeanconcoctions@yahoo.com.

PO Box 1919, Wrightson Road, Port of Spain, Trinidad, W.I.
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