Welcome to Take Note magazine, the online publication for professional women on the move, intent on breaking through the glass ceiling with no apologies, excuses or delays. AFETT’s Board of Directors believe firstly in ourselves and in each other; we believe in our corporate social responsibility and continuous growth in all areas of our hectic lives; and we believe in you, our members and Take Note readers.


We presented our plans to you on August 20th 2015. We pledged to you back then, that AFETT should stay true to its mandate of “Making Women Winners”. It may seem to some of you that we wanted to have it all; instead, we’re doing it all. But we don’t mind; bring it on!

President's Note - October 2015

Take Note will continue to spotlight the Association’s work; the top women in business in Trinidad and Tobago, with profiles and theme-based content to inform and educate; and will continue to feature articles and columns that speak to issues that matter to our members and readers; including the arts, style, home and garden, and more.


We are currently working and improving AFETT’s website, which will contain content that is related to the association’s history, governance structure, work, our member’s corner, events and much more, all tailored for the internet audience. So we invite you to continuously visit our website for updates and follow us on social media.


At AFETT, we consider one of our most important missions to be that of Mentorship; a program in which we will bring together the top women in their given industry or business and the ambitious women on the way up; with seminars, roundtables and networking events.  Each generation can learn from the other, whether it be navigating the stairs on the corporate ladder or learning how to negotiate. 


We also believe in our commitment to young girls and continue our mentorship programmes in collaboration with our schools and other institutions. As women in business, most of us have had the good fortune of working with a strong mentor. Many of us now serve as mentors ourselves, sharing what others have shared with us, and what we have learned with others, and for this we say thank you to all our mentors. In the process, we all become better—better professionals and better people.


In today’s wired world, events like our recent Post Budget Breakfast Forum are becoming more important than ever. They offer new ways for us to make connections, build skills and learn at a time when one-on-one opportunities to exchange ideas and experiences are harder to come by. You just need to make sure you’re spending your time at the right events and optimizing your time. We invite you to join our discussions; they are planned with you in mind.


In closing, I assure you that you have a team that is excited and will look to you, our members and readership to let us know how we’re doing.  Feel free to reach out directly with comments and/or suggestions!



With warmest regards,


Cavelle Joseph


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