President's Note - August 2017

Charlene Pedro

AFETT President 2017/2018

AFETT’s August meeting saw a sold-out crowd of elegantly attired ladies, enjoying the session on decluttering your home and some fantastic prizes that everyone hoped to win. Thank you to all who contributed to making the event a tremendous success. We sincerely thank the awesome ladies at Ashley Furniture HomeStore, our gracious sponsor, for their generosity and ensuring that we had a memorable experience.


That meeting was the beginning of my decluttering journey. Recently I have been clearing out my closet so I can donate clothes to our Suit Me Up event, which is carded for 7th October this year. After pulling out a lot of clothing, I noticed a lovely jacket that I have not seen for a long time.​

What does our space look like? Can you see the table-top of your dining table or desk? Can you easily find the shoes you want to wear? We live in a perpetual state of clutter—  mental and physical clutter. Our disorganised messes, which now include our email and social media, can bog us down and take away our energy that could be spent focusing on more productive pursuits or goals. The more “stuff” you have in your life, the more your attention and thoughts are consumed, and the more your stress is triggered. If you want to feel less stressed, then consider decluttering your life.

An excellent place to start decluttering is your closet. Try going through your wardrobe and dispose of clothes you don’t wear or no longer need. There is a good chance you don’t wear a lot of your clothes, so dispose of them and donate them to a worthy cause, like our Suit Me Up charity fundraiser. Funds from this event provide support to our social outreach programmes, our bursaries granted to two deserving university students, our administrative costs and donation to a charitable organisation.

As you start your decluttering drive, you should go through all your possessions and dispose of any items that do not add value to your life. When was the last time you used that egg-slicer or popcorn maker? If you haven’t used them in years, it’s time to give them away.


When we declutter, it also gives us the opportunity to literally see the treasured items that we have remaining, to appreciate and be fully grateful for everything we still have in our life.  Remember, like the lovely jacket that was hiding in my closet, you won't appreciate what you have if you can't see it.


Decluttering will help reduce your stress, bring clarity, and frees your mind from the negative vibes that come with the mess. Declutter your external life and the declutter of your internal life will naturally follow.

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