President's Note - January 2018

Charlene Pedro

AFETT President 2017/2018

AFETT is totally delighted to join Trinidad and Tobago in celebrating the accomplishment of Justice Paula Mae Weekes, our first female President-Elect. Ms. Weekes, as sole nominee of both the Government and Opposition, was declared to be elected President by Annisette-George, chairman of the Electoral College of Members of both Houses of Parliament. On 28 January, 2018 she received her instruments of election from House Speaker Brigid Annisette-George.


A former student of Bishop Anstey High School, Port of Spain, Ms. Weekes is a retired judge of the local Appeal Court (2005 to 2016), and in February last year was sworn-in for three years as a justice of appeal in the Turks and Caicos Islands.


From a historical perspective, upon assuming the role of President on 19 March 2018, Ms. Weekes will become the nation's second female head of state overall, after Queen Elizabeth II. Our first female President-Elect therefore offers a beacon of hope for women everywhere in Trinidad and Tobago. Whilst women are seeking to steadfastly move up the ladder, and some strive to reach the pinnacle of their career, Ms. Weekes is a powerful pronouncement that a typical Diego Martin girl can be President. No longer do we see the role of president reserved for men only. Her achievement serves to fuel the desire of women to believe the impossible. Her achievement will arouse the dreams of many young girls to see themselves as leaders making a positive change for Trinidad and Tobago, and indeed the world.

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