President's Note - July 2017

A Spirit of Gratitude


As I reflect on the past month, I am immersed in a spirit of gratitude. I am in awe of the Wonder Women who continue to selflessly give of their time and talents to AFETT. In this issue of Take Note you will see AFETT’s Wonder Women volunteering and supporting various organisations, all happening on the same day!


The more we shift our focus from ourselves and look to help others, the more we appreciate what we have, and the more we live a life of gratitude. An attitude of gratitude opens a world of possibilities that we cannot begin to imagine.


This is my testimony. I encourage you to step out of your comfort zone and step up to the opportunity to help someone, support someone, do something for someone. You have nothing to lose.


Be bold….be blessed!



These Wonder Women of AFETT continue to build the organisation as they serve on the Board, committees, or contribute and support our work without being on an official committee. AFETT provides a wonderful space for us to move beyond ourselves and focus on someone else. Our recently sold-out social event was a true testimony of how much we crave for space where we can develop friendships, support each other, and of course, have a bit of red wine. A huge thank you to all who made the event such a success; all who worked behind the scenes, including our sponsors, and those who took the time to join us. I think we are on to something here!​

Charlene Pedro

AFETT President 2017/2018

AFETT President, Charlene Pedro

at The Whole Girl Project 2017

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