President's Note - June 2016

I am glad to have another opportunity to provide an update on our organisation’s work, to take stock, and to look forward.


As the 2015 – 2016 board term comes to an end, it has indeed been a busy year for us at AFETT and for everyone who is associated with the excellent work that we do. We have been busy at the board level, committees and general membership. We have also been busy with our civil society partners and reached out to young women, entrepreneurs, the government, the private sector and even our men.  


The key message I would like to leave you with is that AFETT is strong, stable and achieving results as an organisation.


We have a well-built ship, designed in 2002, with modifications along the way. We have a skilled and committed crew. We have our charts and maps pointing the way forward. And we are visiting every port of call, building a movement for women’s rights, women’s empowerment, women’s advancement and gender equality.


Given the pandemic of violence affecting our girls and women; given the under-representation of women in leadership and decision-making at some of our key institutions and the over-representation of women among the illiterate, the poor, the lack of access to key health care services; and given a rising tide in social media activism and civil society collaboration, AFETT is reaching out across all sectors. We are seizing a once-in-a-generation opportunity to place key issues concerning women and girls and their human rights at the centre of the national agenda.


The Honourable Shamfia Cudjoe, MP, Minister of Tourism, and AFETT President Cavelle Joseph

We are grateful for what appears to be a growing consensus on the importance of a transformative, rights-based agenda for women and girls. We are heartened to see some of the key issues surrounding discrimination, inequality, and violence against women being given much needed attention. And we are bold enough to say that our work continues to far-reaching changes that touch the life of every woman and every girl that we encounter.


I started my message by saying we have all been busy. That is why we are witnessing the fruits of our hard work. We are speaking with one voice, and for this I would like to thank the Board members, our membership, government, civil society partners and stakeholders who have supported us. We will continue to build a formidable agenda that will be inclusive of all rights of women, transformative and truly game-changing. We will continue to work on the future we want to see for our women and girls. Our goal is to renew commitment, strengthen action and increase resources to realize gender equality, to ensure engagement, women’s empowerment and human rights and transformation.


It is not mission impossible; it is the mission of our time.


I hope to see all of you next month at our AGM.

Thank You!


Cavelle Joseph

2016/2016 President

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