President's Note - May 2017

Throughout this year, the 2016/ 2017 Board showed enduring tenacity in keeping AFETT along its desired path. It was a pleasure to serve as President and be a part of this dynamic team of women. All of whom showed determination to progress in their personal careers whilst volunteering their time to our worthy causes.

As we welcome the incoming Board for 2017 /2018 - in AFETT’s 15th year, it is clear we have a good thing going. AFETT has the flexibility to wear many hats and take on projects at short notice. One such event was the visit by Ms. Indrani Goradia, where we pulled together a free meeting for her to speak on gender based violence. Teamwork allowed a successful event to be sponsored by all parties that came together to inform the public on a topic that was important to all women. If you do not consider yourself a “go-to” woman, when you join AFETT, this trait certainly evolves. A go-to player is a person that finds a way to make things happen, no matter what. This attitude allows leadership qualities to flourish, and this positive influence can benefit those that give it and those that receive it.

Lessons Learnt


Leadership is an enduring trait that grows with time. Leading from the middle allows one to grow by learning from others and encouraging those with softer voices the opportunity to speak up and step up. Continue to push the boundaries and be challenged by the difficult moments, as this is the only sure truth for growth. Lead with confidence, even in the not-knowing, trust your instincts and your tribe will follow your vibe. Be genuine and authentic to your approach in life and good opportunities will follow.


Thank You


To each and every kind soul that gave of their time, sponsored events and contributed to the sustained development of women, you are truly blessed, and your blessings will come from your generosity. We ended this term opening our way of thinking with understanding gender issues in the workplace and by addressing situations we may continue to face in our everyday lives.  Additionally, AFETT facilitated 22 medical students from Spelman College to visit the Minister of Health and three major public hospitals in Trinidad. Our AGM on June 22nd will feature local, social media advocate and entrepreneur Ms. Karel McIntosh of Livewired Group. In this vein, AFETT will continue to provide opportunities for girls and women to engage, discuss and learn. Even though another term has ended, another will begin, and we will continue to build more opportunities for those of privilege to help those who may not have had the same opportunities. This is how we will all progress.


Thank you and see you soon.

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