President's Note - May 2018

Charlene Pedro

AFETT President 2017/2018

Leading Through Change


How do we prepare women and girls for leadership roles?


Our cultural messages sent to girls sometimes chastise them for displaying leadership qualities. When a girl tries to lead she is often characterised as bossy, which seems to have a “negative” connotation. This also applies to women in the workplace.


A study published by the Stanford Graduate School of Business documented two things that we probably know already. Firstly, leadership is defined in masculine terms; feminine behaviours are not associated with leadership. For women to be recognised as leaders, they must adopt some ‘masculine’ ways. Also, the “double bind” phenomenon continues to plague women- if a woman behaves in too feminine a way, she is not seen as a leader; but if she behaves in a too masculine way, she won’t be liked and will be called bossy.


AFETT’s Leadership Series seeks to provide a safe space where women can hone their leadership skills and learn from those who have travelled the path of leadership. It is important that we create a circle of support because the journey is fraught with challenges. Challenges that may make you question your very core values and innermost self.

We have a wonderful panel of leaders who are willing to share their experience with us!


Join us at 1:00 p.m. on Sunday 10th May 2018 at the Cascadia Hotel, when we learn some leadership lessons and be inspired to be our best self without compromising who we are.

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