“It should be on every Saturday.” “Inspiring.” “Happy but sad this is the last day.” “I am very happy.” These were the words of a few mentees on the final day of AFETT’s REACH Mentorship Programme. The mentees’ feedback provides evidence of the value of the Programme.


AFETT's REACH Mentorship Programme has been in operation since 2010 and continues to make a difference in the lives of the participants.


On September 18th 2010, AFETT launched its REACH Mentorship Programme at Belmont Secondary School. The Programme was implemented with forty young ladies, and enjoyed great success for two academic years at the school. AFETT’s REACH Mentorship Programme is designed to create meaningful change in female students between the ages of 15 and 17 years, by enhancing recognition of their self-worth and developing in them the key skills required for them to create a better and fuller life for themselves. Research indicates that mentored youth maintain better attitudes toward school and have a better chance of going on to higher education (The Role of Risk, 2013 Carla Herrera, David L. DuBois, Jean Grossman).


Since its launch, the Programme was also delivered at the Women’s Prisons, Corpus Christi College, St. Dominic’s Children’s Home and Orupune Police Youth Club. AFETT partnered with the Ministry of Community Development, Culture and the Arts in 2016 to roll out its Mentorship Programme in various communities from mid-year.


Whilst the Programme is making a difference and is seeking to expand, the main challenge has been the limited number of women volunteering to be mentors. The Programme can only expand if we have more mentors. The mentors have offered their time and talent to provide guidance and training to the young charges, and to them we owe our gratitude. They have chosen to make a tremendous difference in the lives of young people who can benefit greatly from the guidance and encouragement of a caring mentor. Few endeavours do more to shape young people’s aspirations and help them realise their potential. In return, few endeavours reap more profound rewards for all who become involved in the mentoring process.  The Programme continues to touch the lives of both mentees and mentors as they travel together on the journey of mentorship.

The “founding fathers” of the Programme have laid a solid base upon which to build. We must carry on to work to plant the seeds to nurture the future leaders of tomorrow. The journey continues ...

Launch of REACH Mentorship Programme

AFETT's REACH Mentorship Programme was launched on September 18, 2010, at the Belmont Secondary School. Twenty students from the school were chosen for this pilot project which will be held at the School’s compound. The overall goal of this Mentorship Programme is to ‘Create meaningful change’ in young women by enhancing recognition of self-worthiness and developing the students’ life skills. 


One of the components of AFETT’s mission is to provide mentoring opportunities for women. AFETT continues its mission by providing mentoring opportunities when called upon. Here are some of the Association's mentoring opportunities.

2015 Mentorship Training

On Saturday 19th September, a training programme was held for mentors to assist in developing their facilitating skills to deliver the Reach Mentorship Programme. The Programme was led by Nigel Wall, President of Ask Leadership. Nigel guided the mentors through various processes including finding their passion and developing SMART goals. Read full article.

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