October 2015 - President's Note

May-10-2014  President's Note - May 2014

May-08-2014  Saving Our Girls

Apr-10-2014  AFETT Mentorship Programme for Incarcerated Young Women

Apr-07-2014  AFETT Partners with Network of NGOs Women in Enterprise Equality means Business Conference

Apr-07-2014  Domestic Violence is Everyone's Business

Apr-07-2014  Rearranging your Office for Success

Apr-07-2014  Releasing Emotional Baggage

Apr-04-2014  President's Note - April 2014

Mar-29-2014  Welcome AFETT 2014/2015 Board

Mar-10-2014  President's Note - March 2014

Mar-07-2014  AFETT Mentorship Programme at the Prisons

Mar-07-2014  Making Facebook WORK for YOU!

Mar-06-2014  Leveraging social media to boost your business

Feb-20-2014  AFETT Members' Benefits

Feb-12-2014  The Beauty Bar Summary

Feb-11-2014  Safety Tips to Help Keep you Safe this Carnival

Feb-11-2014  Tips for Breaking Through the Boardroom Glass Ceiling

Feb-11-2014  President's Note - February 2014

Jan-16-2014  Renewing your Personal Brand

Jan-16-2014  Save our Nation's Children: Personal Responsibility, Awareness, and Action

Jan-16-2014  AFETT Initiates Collaboration with PLOTT and other Women NGOs to Protect the Nation's Children

Jan-13-2014  President's Note - January 2014

Jan-02-2014  Things are Happening in 2014 in AFETT!

Dec-12-2013  Suit Me Up 2013 Highlights

Dec-05-2013  Navigating the Financial Pressures of Christmas

Dec-05-2013  President's Note - December 2013

Nov-06-2013  Are you Aware of your CSR Brand?

Nov-04-2013  AFETT Delves Deeper into Social Development

Nov-04-2013  An AFETT First! Highlights of October 2013' Virtual Connection

Nov-04-2013  President's Note - November 2013

Nov-04-2013  Get Involved

Oct-03-2013  AFETT Hosted Successful Meeting on Financial Health

Oct-02-2013  The Female Health Agenda - Is it a Priority?

Oct-01-2013  President's Note - October 2013

Sep-30-2013  AFETT Welcomes US Deputy Chief of Mission, Ms. Margaret Diop

Sep-04-2013  President's Note - September 2013

Aug-28-2013  Women and their Relationship with Money …Is there a Need for Financial Education?

Jul-29-2013  President's Note - August 2013

Jul-02-2013  2012/2013 Year in Review Photos

Jul-02-2013  AFETT 2013 AGM Presentation

Jul-01-2013  Summary of 2013 AGM

Jun-10-2013  Highlights of AFETT's May 2013 Meeting

Jun-10-2013  President's Note - June 2013

Jun-04-2013  AFETT’s detailed Top 5 Report is available for sale

May-07-2013  President's Note - May 2013

Apr-29-2013  AFETT Participates in the 2013 Justice for Children March

Apr-22-2013  AFETT Launches Inaugural UWI Bursaries

Apr-02-2013  President's Speech - IWD/Women of Influence Awards 2013  

Apr-02-2013  AFETT's 2013 EGM

Apr-02-2013  President's Note - April 2013

Apr-02-2013  AFETT Congratulates its 2013 Women of Influence

Mar-04-2013  President's Note - March 2013

Mar-02-2013  AFETT's Child Care Solutions Selected as Finalist in Blogger Contest

Feb-05-2013  President's Note - February 2013

Jan-09-2013  AFETT Photos Through the Years

Jan-04-2013  AFETT Founding Member Nicholette Johnson - Challenges at Start Up and Strategy Going Forward

Jan-04-2013  AFETT's Founding Member Rhea Yaw Ching - Best Memories and Moments

Jan-04-2013  AFETT's Founding Member Lara Quentrall-Thomas - Founder's Vision

Jan-04-2013  President's Note - January 2013

Nov-19-2012  Angela Cropper Memoriam

Nov-19-2012  President's Note - November 2012

Oct-30-2012  AFETT Wins TTCSI's Service Association of the Year Award - 2012

Sep-20-2012  Synopsis - AFETT's Annual September 2012 Breakfast Meeting - Budget 2013 ...what do we want?

Mar-20-2012  President's Room - March 2012

Mar-19-2012  Why Get Involved?

Oct-29-2011  Suit Me Up 2011 - The Event!

Aug-27-2011  Come be a Mentor on AFETT's REACH Mentorship Programme - 2011 to 2012

Aug-27-2011  AFETT Signs Agreement with Arthur Lok Jack GSB - Women in Leadership Conference 2011

Jul-01-2011  President's Farewell Message

Jun-30-2011  AFETT AGM 2011


Jan-04-2011  AFETT Membership Referral Programme

Dec-30-2010  President's New Year Message

Dec-28-2010  AFETT Particpates in YWEEP Symposium

Dec-03-2010  Take Note - Volume 6, Issue 8

Nov-19-2010  AFETT Attends The Tunapuna Chamber's Christmas Dinner

Nov-18-2010  Suit Me Up 10

Nov-17-2010  AFETT Orientation of New Members

Nov-12-2010  Women and Corporate Governance: Women Mean Business Conference

Nov-02-2010  Take Note - Volume 6, Issue 7

Oct-21-2010  Ambassador Beatrice Welters' Speech to AFETT

Oct-21-2010  October BMGM - US Ambassador Addresses AFETT

Oct-19-2010  AFETT Committees Update Issue 5

Sep-18-2010  President's Speech - Launch of AFETT's REACH Mentorship Programme

Jun-24-2010  New President's Inaugural Speech

Jun-22-2010  Take Note Volume 6 Issue 5

May-27-2010  AFETT Congratulates The Honourable Kamla Persard-Bissessar

Feb-06-2010  AFETT Member Sharon Wilson Receives Award for Most Outstanding Micro Business

Jan-04-2010  Draft White Paper - Child Care Solutions




Nov-25-2009  Take Note Volume 5 Issue 6

Nov-19-2009  Take Note Volume 5 Issue 6 - Membership Committee Report

Oct-27-2009  Take Note Volume 5 Issue 5

Sep-16-2009  Networking  

Aug-19-2009  AFETT Committees Update August 2009

Jul-17-2009  Summary of the 2009/2010 Board Objectives

May-22-2009  AFETT Members Making Strides! Issue 3

May-05-2009  Congratulations to Bonus Points Winners!

Apr-27-2009  AFETT Members Making Strides! Issue 2

Apr-21-2009  AFETT Committees Update April 2009

Mar-23-2009  What Should Trinidad and Tobago's Response be to the Current International Economic Crisis?

Mar-07-2009  AFETT Celebrates International Women's Day 2009

Mar-05-2009  AFETT Committees Update - March 2009

Dec-12-2008  A Long Commute

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