Crossing the Precipice

Women's Journey to the C-suite

After 6 months of working tirelessly on producing a study that is the first of its kind in the English-speaking Caribbean, the RPA Committee, under the directorship of Donna Thomas (2017/2018 RPA Director), is pleased to present to AFETT's membership its research report entitled "Crossing the Precipice: Women's Journey to the C-suite".

The study, specific to Trinidad & Tobago, explores how gender biases, stereotypes and family-care responsibilities impact the under-representation of women in senior positions in T&T to a low of  only 10% of positions on private boards, 28% of positions on state boards, and 27% of private sector executive-level positions in Trinidad & Tobago.  Both men and women were interviewed, and the results may prove to be quite shocking to some. 

This study focuses on how biases (held by both women and men, against women) impact women's career advancements, as well as pay disparities between both genders. The RPA Committee hopes that the findings within this study stimulate the necessary conversations needed for real change to take place - remembering that equally in quantity is not the same as equality in value. 


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